Hi! We're the Kaplans.

We're currently on the road somewhere in the USA! Kaplandia is where we document our travels. Check out our Map and Blog (top right) to see what we're up to. We're also on Instagram, and will be posting almost daily to it!

We got hitched on April 5th, 2014 in sunny Palm Springs, CA. Surrounded by family and friends from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, it was a three day weekend of shenanigans and celebrating. Here's a preview of our wedding photos. Looking to get married at the Cree Estate? We can definitely help answer any questions you have!


We met in an office, fell in love in the mountains, got engaged at the beach, and became husband and wife in the desert. We've been together for almost 5 years and can't wait for what's in store for us next! 


We purchased our trailer "Donna" a year and a half ago, knowing that we wanted to take her on trips, but not yet realizing that we would actually spend our honeymoon traversing the country with her. The plan started as a three month trip, then extended to four, and ended at five. We spent hours painting, cleaning, sewing, etc to get her fixed up for the trip. Unfortunately the previous owner did not treat her well, and painted over the original hard wood with a puke yellow color. For a facelift, we started fresh with a clean white coat. We also installed Solar panels, converted the shower into a pantry, replaced the water tanks and water heater, and added an outdoor shower. Donna is a 1966 "Fireball" travel trailer. We cannot find too much information about this model so if you have any info, please contact us!


We love you,

Ryan and Maggie