Acadia National Park, ME.

By Maggie -- Jul 16, 2014


The farthest point we'll be from home: Acadia! I think it deserves a celebratory dock leap, don't you?

There was a lot of build up coming to Acadia. Everyone raves about it and says it's a "must" to go to and all that... but what they don't tell you is that your chances of actually SEEING Acadia are very, very slim. Most of the time the whole island is covered in thick fog. When it's not enveloped in a white cloud or raining, there's still only a slight chance it could be sunny and nice. We drove in when it was sunny and nice, and everything changed in a few short hours.

The rain didn't stop us from thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We shopped for ultra organic grass-fed free-range food items (Maine is awesome that way), we hiked up to the top of a peak (covered in fog) and picked fresh wild blueberries (yum!). I would say that if we ever went back, it'd be great to spend a whole week there at least, to guarantee we had one full day of nice weather. 

Acadia was a great place to recharge and slow down a little. The next few days are going to be a whirlwind, so we needed some calm before the storm.