Airey Lake, MS.

By Maggie -- May 28, 2014


This is the calm before the storm(s)...

We're expecting several days of thunderstorms in the region, and there's no escaping it. So, we're going to post up by this little lake in the middle of nowhere and hang out for a bit. We got here and immediately were surrounded by ducks. They heard the sound of a plastic shopping bag and surrounded us, and they haven't left us alone all day. We tried our hands at fishing (Bass, catfish, bluegill) but no dice. We're better at trout fishing but we're learning how to fish for other types. A few dads and their kids have come by and spent time fishing, but they keep getting rained out. A small raincloud will come through and dump rain and then they're gone, leaving us alone by the lake again. 

We have cell service, we have food... Best of all, this is a free campsite (thank you!) and it has a flush toilet. And it's nearly empty. So regardless of the rain, I think we'll do just fine.