Arroyo Grande, CA.

By Maggie -- Sep 26, 2014

The closer we get to home, the more we're needing to email, text and call people. It seems like our "reality" is slowly creeping back in with every mile we get closer to Los Angeles. That's ok, we're ready for it. It's forcing us to camp at places where we can take calls and have a strong wifi signal to do some work, so after we left the mission, we stopped at the Madonna Inn to get some wifi. The restaurant/cafe had great coffee and free wifi. Perfect! 

While I drank my 4 cups of coffee and worked for a couple of hours, Ryan got to walk around and experience the Inn. There's quite a bit that can be written about it, but it's pretty clear just by the photos that the Madonna Inn has a very colorful history. It's worth stopping for a bite to eat and probably even staying a night in one of their bizarre rooms. Someday, maybe!

We left the Inn and traveled east again to the Lopez Lake campground, tucked up on a hillside by the half-full lake. It's so sad to see how low the water is in these California lakes, and it's even worse to hear the local people talk about it. This campground is huge and overlooks the lake and the beautiful wine country in Arroyo Grande. It also seems to be a haven for certain animals including turkeys and deer. Both felt safe in the park and weren't afraid of humans, so we all went about our business and had a great time co-existing in the campground for a couple of days.

We're on the homestretch, the final countdown... and even though we're trying to take our time, it feels like it's coming way too fast.