Boston, MA.

By Maggie -- Jul 11, 2014


Today we reached 10,000 miles... yikes! I probably drove about 150 of those miles... So I hardly get any credit. When we're driving to a new location, I stay busy working, blogging, editing photos, pouring coffee for Ryan, cutting his fingernails (yes i know... TMI...), researching places to camp, writing reviews, getting in touch with people we're staying with, etc. We make a good team that way! It's all about teamwork, right?

At our campsite in Cape Cod, Ryan made a new BFF - Matt the park ranger. Matt is a Boston native. He says things like "wicked cool" and "that was pissah", the latter of which both of us thought was a bad thing, but it actually translates to "that was really great". Now we can't stop saying "that's wicked pissah!" and we sound like total idiots.

Anyway, Matt was the most helpful and hilarious park ranger we've ever met. He is obsessed with his job and is full of stories that will make you pee your pants. He's a bit younger than us (we think?) and has worked at places like Acadia National Park and some random forest in Missouri. Ryan told him we were heading up to Acadia and he came back to our site with 4 personally annotated maps and a guide book. He also had a Boston map that he had scribbled all over with places to go, and told us of the cheapest way to get there. To thank him for all of his help, we brought him a cannoli from Mike's Pastry and gave him a leftover cigar from our wedding. He just about died and went to heaven. "Now I'm going to walk around camp and give everyone citations like a boss - smoking a cigar while eating a cannoli!"

We walked around Boston for about 7 hours until our feet felt like cobblestones. We also took advantage of their subway system, which was pretty great until one of the trains shut down for 30 minutes and we were stuck inside with 200 other smelly strangers. I guess that's a taste of city life for ya!

Our new favorite thing to do is visit college campuses. I think it's because there's a prestigious feeling and historical significance to most of the East Coast colleges that makes them fun to walk around and pretend like we're going to go there in the fall. We've also been eavesdropping on the summer college tours that are lead by college kids. I have no idea why this is so fun but it is! This time we visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the MIT museum, which were full of all kinds of nerdy stuff. We didn't make it to the "Haavard Yaaad" but that gives us a reason to go back someday.

Our favorite area was North End a.k.a. little Italy. It really does feel like a European town. We visited Paul Revere's house, walked around the Freedom trail, and grabbed a beer at an Irish pub. For only having one day in Boston, I'd say we nailed it!