Bozeman, MT. // Walmart #2

By Maggie -- Aug 17, 2014


Look at that cute trailer! The hardest part of being in Wyoming and Montana is seeing the thousands (and we're not kidding) of vintage cuties like this one. Most of them are permanently plopped on a 2-acre lot collecting dust and probably families of mice. I wish we could start a trailer rescue and save all the trailers from abandonment and neglect. 

This picture was taken next to the Toyota dealership in Bozeman. Not the most interesting two days we've spent, so I won't spend too much time on it. We camped at Walmart again, and this time it was the hot place to be, with probably 30 "recreational vehicles" parked along the perimeter of the parking lot. Some were pretty frightening beat up old vans with questionable people and smells coming out of them, but most were harmless. We were at the Toyota dealership the next morning at 8am to get the car serviced. They weren't able to fix the alignment, but we got our regular 5,000 mile maintenance and off we went. Up north again!