Buffalo, NY // Eliza's Bridal Shower Weekend

By Maggie -- Jul 21, 2014


So many buffalo wings, so little time.

It seems like that was the theme of the weekend, besides showering my good friend Eliza with love before her wedding. We arrived in Buffalo late Friday night after spending the entire day driving through the Vermont and New York countryside. From the moment we woke up, it was non-stop activity for 48 hours straight. This included a triathlon, drinking wine on a boat on Lake Eerie, buffalo wings for dinner at the boat club until 10pm, touring Niagra Falls in the morning (the New York side), 5 hours of bridal shower, and going out to dinner for more buffalo wings. 

First thing's first: What was this triathlon all about? 

My friend Eliza's fiance, Justin, had asked Ryan 3 days prior to our arrival in Buffalo if he wanted to join in on the triathlon with him and his brother, Cesare. Ryan can't say no to a challenge, especially a physical one, so he signed up. I had no idea he committed until we were driving to Buffalo. He had no bike, no wetsuit, no helmet, no goggles. It was a frustrating moment for me because we're trying to budget and now we have to buy all this gear! So we put our heads together and came up with a plan.

We found a bike for sale on Craigslist along the way that we knew we could resell for more than what we paid. Then, we bought a $25 helmet at Walmart and planned on returning it after he used it, the day after the race. He borrowed an extra pair of goggles from Justin, and skipped the wetsuit because the water was pretty warm. Boom! By 10pm the night before the race, he had the basics to compete.

In the end, Ryan finished strong and did great for a guy who didn't train and had never done one before. Though he struggled in the swim (I didn't have any time to coach him!) he wasn't last place! Triathlons usually take a lot of planning, buying special gear and training for each specific skill. Ryan did none of this. He winged it, and survived to tell the story. Spectators heard that it was his first time and that we've been traveling for 3 months from California, and they crowded around us asking questions with wide eyes and jaws dropped.

After the race, the rest of the weekend was a non-stop marathon. We had a blast seeing old friends (including Nicole and Summer again from Maine) and meeting people we'll see again in November at Eliza's wedding. As a bridesmaid, my duty at the shower was photographer, which was great because I got to walk around and stay busy. You can check out some photos I took of the extravaganza, here.

We're in Michigan now, planning on slowing down our pace starting tomorrow. It's 9pm here and the sun hasn't set yet. Time to get back in our groove!