Cape Cod, MA.

By Maggie -- Jul 11, 2014

Made it to Cape Cod and decided to spend one whole day doing next to nothing! 

Here's the short of it. Yesterday we had a hell of a time finding a campsite. We thought it would be easy, seeing most sites have 100+ sites... nope! Finally we came across a great little spot in a town called Sandwich. We settled down last night before the storm kicked in. Rained most of the night and we slept like logs... and woke up to a beautiful forest and 75 degree sunny skies.

Today we visited the beach nearby that faced out towards Martha's Vineyard. I made chicken vegetable soup from some veggies we bought at a local market. The park ranger at our campsite has become fast friends with Ryan. He worked at Acadia National Park up north, and has been creating guides, maps and lists for us for our time there. He stops by our site a few times a day to check in on us and say hi. He also asked us to burn all of the firewood we had in our truck due to some kind of dangerous beetle that kills all of the trees up here. Bonfire time!

Other than that, not much to report about Cape Cod. We both prefer Hatteras in North Carolina. It's a little too stuffy up in these parts for us beach hippies.

I'll have more to report tomorrow after we visit Boston. Just wanted to let everyone know we're safe and sound and still sunburnt :)