Clear Lake State Park, CA.

By Maggie -- Sep 16, 2014


Clear Lake State Park was one of those stops where we laid low and relaxed more than usual, and it felt great. The campground has over 100 sites, and only 4 of them were full. We had a few neighbors who came over right away and gave us cold beers and invited us to join them. They were three 20-something girls who had decided to take a camping trip before two of them went off to college. We joined them at their campsite the first night and sat around the fire talking about various things. They were hilarious, and it was great to relax and watch shooting stars and have some good laughs. 

It is oppressively hot up here. And dry. And dusty. We wanted to go in the lake to cool off, but were warned that because of the drought and lack of water coming into the lakes from streams, the lake is full of bright green algae blooms which can make you sick. So, we drove a few miles west to find a couple smaller lakes to take a dip in and stayed for a couple of hours. Luckily it never got too hot inside our trailer thanks to a constant breeze. We were able to have some down time and read, work, fix some stuff, and make all of our meals. It was nice.

The state park is really cool - we could imagine how it looked in early spring, and we would definitely go back if we were in the area again. Just outside of the park are hundreds of pear trees and several vineyards. The morning after we arrived, we went on a jog outside of the park with a mission to pick some pears. The only thing was, neither of us brought a bag to bring them home with, so I ended up stuffing four pears and a bunch of grapes into my sports bra and jogging home. You can bet I got some looks from some country boys driving their trucks down the road.

Today we decided to go back to the coast. We're headed to Dillon Beach, but taking our time driving through wine country. It's just about time for the grapes to be picked, so we may stop and "try" some other grapes along the way.