Crater Lake National Park, OR.

By Maggie -- Sep 08, 2014


I just realized how many photos I take of Ryan's backside. Maybe it's because he hates posed photos, and whenever I try to take one of him smiling he usually shys away or makes a stupid exaggerated face. Sorry about all the Ryan backside photos, everyone... I'll try to be better about it!

Right now we're in Ashland and I'm sitting at a laundromat waiting for our 2.5 loads of laundry to finish drying. Ryan went out and mailed a package, got his car washed and enjoyed some alone time. I wish he would hurry back though because there's a few creepy old dudes in overalls with missing teeth coming up to me asking me questions like "What kind of computer is that?" and "Do you come here often?". Seriously?

The selfie of us above is a portrait of what we look like after 4 days of not showering. Ryan thought going in the lake counts as a shower but I am not on board with that. Notice my bedhead and Ryan's gross half-beard. From far away we look nice, but up close... it's a different story. FYI, we have showered since this photo was taken and we look like civilized people again! And most importantly we smell nice.

When we got closer to the national park we noticed that the sky was becoming more and more hazy and we could smell ash and smoke. During the drive up to the crater, you could hardly see the surrounding mountains. Apparently the smoke is blowing up from the California/Oregon border from a fire at a place called "Happy Camp". It's burned almost 100,000 acres already! It was the first real sign of the drought that we've seen, and I'm sure it won't be the last. 

We spent a total of 1 hour at Crater Lake. It's interesting to read about it's history - the short of it is that 7,700 years ago, a huge volcano erupted, and since then the rain and snow has created a lake in the center of the STILL ACTIVE volcano.  It's pretty magnificent, but not a place I'd spend longer than a day at... Unless you hiked down to the lake and rented a boat or canoe. We didn't have much time for that though, so we pressed on south to Ashland, hugging the Rogue River all the way down.

UPDATE: Ryan came back and the laundry is done - THANK GOD - the old creepy dudes are going back into their creepy dude vans. Time to explore Ashland!