Day 160 // THE END?

By Maggie -- Oct 02, 2014

In French films, they used to write the word "FIN" when the movie is over to let the audience know it was really, actually over. So... FIN, y'all. FIN.

We're home now. It's been about 24 hours, and so far so good. The trailer got a parking ticket (oh yeah, street cleaning still exists) but that's the worst of it. No tears, bruises, broken appliances, or meltdowns... and our cat even remembered us and is currently sitting on the couch next to me with a look of absolute bliss on his face. We're kind of shell shocked ourselves, not knowing where to start with unpacking and putting our lives back in order. It will happen, but for now we're just sitting on the couch, not really saying much of anything. 

When we left Ventura, we took our time driving back down Highway 1, stopping a few times to soak in the beautiful ocean scenery and take our last deep breaths of fresh air before heading into the giant smog cloud. We were honked at a few times, almost hit a few people... both of us sweating pretty hard. When you're out on the road in, oh, let's say North Dakota or somewhere similar, you don't feel stressed out about things like traffic, smog, construction, missing your exit, merging onto the freeway at a max speed of 55mph, or dying in general. Los Angeles is a special kind of place with a special breed of weirdos. It will take some readjustment...

When we got home, we went straight to my parents' house and got to see both of my grandmas while we were there. It was an emotional rollercoaster, and we didn't know how to act or what we were really feeling. It was amazing seeing my parents, who, in our absence, have both retired and lost something like 50lbs collectively (!!!). It was like coming back to new people! We couldn't be prouder of them. Life back home went on without us, but in the very best way possible. We both can't wait to congratulate our friends who got married, are newly pregnant, etc. We've missed out on a few big announcements, but we'll make up for it in the next few weeks.

I have several things I want to write about once I am able to wrap my head around them. We plan on tallying up our total costs and breaking it all down to determine what we spent our money on. I plan on writing about that, along with some general thoughts about road life, how it's changed our views on our lives going forward, and what we would do differently (if we were to do this all over again). Since we started, we've had a few folks contact us asking us questions about our life on the road with a vintage trailer. We're not experts but we can speak to a few things now and hopefully help a few people out. 

For right now though, we're going to sit here on this couch with our cat, Simon, and revel in the fact that we MADE IT 20,600 MILES AROUND THE COUNTRY AND STILL LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF EACH OTHER. 

I mean, right?