Day Fifteen // Durango & Pagosa Springs, CO.

By Maggie -- May 05, 2014


While driving out of our boondocking campground in Mancos, CO, the trailer bottomed-out on a steep bump and the bike rack scraped along the forest floor, causing the bumper to bend upwards and crack in several places. We knew the bike rack that we got with the trailer was a piece of crap, but we trusted that it had worked for the previous owner so it should work for us. We were wrong. The 50-year-old bumper wasn't strong enough for the load we were carrying, so we went immediately to a welding shop in Durango to get her fixed up.

We dropped her off for the day and as we drove away, I felt like I was dropping a sick animal off at the vet. Donna the trailer has become a living, breathing companion to us and it was hard to leave her in the hands of someone else. We had the day ahead of us though, and decided that since it was our one-month wedding anniversary, today would be "treat yo-self day". We headed 40 miles East to Pagosa Natural Hot Springs for a nice soak in nature, spent the day there, showered and came back to Durango to get Donna. The repairs cost $98, which we pulled from our fix-it fund. From there, we found our campsite by Haviland Lake, dressed up a bit and headed into Historic Durango for an anniversary dinner at Ken and Sue's. The Irish-born waitress catered to us all night, talked to us for a few hours about her adventures in Thailand, how she came to Durango, and about her job as a bookie back in Northern Ireland. We topped off the night with creme brulee and cozied back up in our trailer at the late hour of 9:30pm. The days are long and full of adventure, and so far even with a mishap, it's been nothing but perfect.