Day Twelve // Monument Valley, UT.

By Maggie -- May 02, 2014


What do we miss the most after 2 weeks on the road?

Ryan: "My motorcycle"
Maggie: "My dishwasher"

We stopped in Monument Valley, Utah, which is a vast, picturesque landscape that you see in old country western films and briefly in new movies (Forrest Gump, which we pay a tribute to in a photo). It's on a Native American Reservation and everyone that lives there is part of a tribe or village. It's a beautiful place, everyone was incredibly friendly, and the weather was perfect. Goulding's Campground was surprisingly charming, with a small indoor pool, laundry and shower facilities, and a few short hiking trails right by our campsite. It was all we needed for a brief 24-hour stop between destinations - to jump in a pool, wash our hair and clothes, and keep on truckin'.