Grand Tetons National Park, WY.

By Maggie -- Aug 15, 2014


Since "the accident" we've been able to pick up where we left off. It took a full 24 hours to feel like ourselves again. A really awesome hike up Lupine Meadows trail at the base of one of the Tetons helped; although we didn't make the entire way up, we did get to take in some breathtaking views and see some wildlife up-close, like a 100lb black bear who struck a pose for us on a log. And a galloping moose! 

We met a lady on the trail carrying a small bag of berries. I can't resist free stuff and I had a hunch she had just picked them. "They're huckleberries," she said. "Here, try one and check out the shape of the leaves so you can pick some". Deee-licious. I had a field day with those huckleberries. We almost didn't make it off the mountain because I was too obsessed with scouting for them and picking them one-by-one off of each bush I saw. Poor Ryan. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies sometimes get the best of me, and he has to put up with them now whether he likes it or not. We made huckleberry pancakes the following day, which made it all worth it.

Our buddy Matt has been super gracious and let us take our time picking up the pieces at his rental place. He also made sure we had some fun (that's what friends are for, right?). We floated the lazy river behind his house in inner tubes with beer in hand, and after eating "Fat Bastard" burgers at LIFT, we went into town to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for a few late night drinks. A country band was playing covers of all the classics, and though they weren't very good, it didn't take away from the kooky awesomeness that is the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Patrons actually "saddle up to the bar" and sit on real leather saddles. It's completely awkward and oddly comfortable. Back-lit country western scenes shine from every corner of the ceiling, and paintings of western shoot-outs and bar fights take up every square inch of wall space. Apparently we just missed Sandra Bullock celebrating her 50th bday there. Damn! Couldn't you just see Miss Congeniality saddling up to a bar for a beer?

Staying in Jackson for a few days was necessary and revitalizing. We had to "jump back on the horse" but we needed to make sure we were ready. Hitting a deer definitely did make us both more cautious drivers. Driving is already exhausting, but tack on worrying about hitting an animal? It's a drain. We toured around the Tetons a bit and geared up for the next few days of travel. Yellowstone was on the list, but what else?