Jackson, WY. // A harrowing experience.

By Maggie -- Aug 11, 2014


Last night on our drive into Jackson, Wyoming, we hit a deer. We're both OK, our car is a little beat up, but unfortunately the deer died instantly. It was something we'll never forget. Driving towards the Tetons at dusk, watching the sun set behind the mountains, we were taking in the scenery and looking forward to ending our long drive through Wyoming with only 30 minutes left to drive. Then, out of the bank, a deer jumped out in front of the car with hardly a second of time before impact. Ryan kept the car as steady as he could, but we swerved and the trailer fishtailed. We were in total shock, and pulled over at a nearby intersection and put our flashers on. I was standing outside of the car, crying and on the verge of throwing up, when a lady in a white jeep drove up and asked if we needed help. I told her we had just hit a deer, and within seconds she was on her walkie talkie calling the dispatcher to report it and request police assistance. "You'll need a police report if you want insurance to cover it," she said. "I'm a volunteer here. I'll go down and check out the deer. How far back was it?" and off she drove down the highway. A few minutes later the cops showed up and took photos of the car and wrote up a report. They found the deer dead in the grass by the road. 

We're currently staying at our friend Matt's rental condo in Jackson, where he's working on editing a big action sports film for Red Bull. When we arrived, he had dinner ready for us and a few cold beers. Donna had held on tight during the ordeal, and when we finally arrived at Matt's house, we hesitantly opened the door to see what had fallen or broken inside. It was a mess. Thankfully, we can stay here a few days and clean up and calm our nerves.

It all felt like a terrible dream. It happened so fast, it just didn't feel real. The last thing we wanted to do on this trip was hurt an animal or hurt ourselves. However, the outcome could have been MUCH worse. We are incredibly lucky to have avoided a crash or injury and with over 200 deaths a year caused by deer, we're lucky to be alive.

We'll be dealing with this for a little bit but still plan on enjoying the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park this week. I'll post more later this week. It only gets better from here, we hope!