Kaplandia Or Bust.

By Maggie -- Apr 15, 2014

Our wedding feels like one long, crazy dream. There were so many details that came down to the wire, and we sort of left the photo booth to the very last priority. We wanted to have an elaborate backdrop, something with painted trees, or bright ombre-colored mountains that matched our branding, but we just ran out of time. At the last minute, some of the bridal party came over and helped us paint the car - which Ryan had 3d modeled and cut into a huge piece of wood. We were happy with the car but worried people wouldn't get it. 

Turns out it was probably the most fun aspect of our wedding. By the end of the night, after a good 20 people had jumped in the pool, the photo booth was in full swing. Here are some of our select favorites (including the Grandma Photo Bomb), but if you want to really laugh your ass off, visit the Kaplandia tumblr page to view them all.