Lake Vermillion, MN. // Travis' Family Cabin

By Maggie -- Aug 06, 2014



It's the farthest North we've ever been together in Minnesota. We had originally planned on going even further into the boundary waters to camp, but the long drive was daunting and we had no campsite in mind. That's when Ryan heard from our friend Travis (we went to his wedding back in May in Portland). His family owns a cabin on Lake Vermillion, and we were welcome to stay there for a few days and hang out! If there's one thing we've learned on this trip, it's to never freak out about accommodations. It almost always works out for the best one way or another, and if it doesn't... Walmart.

The Tetzlaff cabin is a classic Minnesota cabin with the basic appliances, some cute woodsy nick nacks, and all the fun toys. This time we had access to a canoe, and decided to fish like it was going out of style. We went out off of the dock twice, both times with some success. I caught about 6 baby walleye, too small to keep. Ryan caught a nice sized Perch, and in the morning I caught a 3lb smallmouth bass. I swear I thought that bass was going to drag me into the water head first. In our excitement we thought it was a walleye - we've made it our mission to catch a good sized walleye. Bass are still edible (I think?) We still have a few days in the midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota) so we'll keep trying. 

I had some catching up to do for work and some bridesmaid obligations to take care of, so having a cabin to work in was perfect. We watched the movie "The Great Outdoors" on VHS at night and cooked our fish with some rice. The weather in Minnesota has been ideal - it's difficult to describe how perfect it's been without sounding like a total snob. All I can say is, we know how lucky we are, and we feel it every single day, rain or shine. We're beyond grateful to everyone who's helped us get this far. We can't wait to someday be the ones to help someone else out on their grand adventure!