By Maggie -- May 29, 2014


Looks like Ryan's having a great time holding that pan up, right? So much fun!

We spent the day driving around the area trying to make the most of the crappy weather, and we come back to find several leaks opened up in our roof! Ryan drove back into town to get a huge tarp to cover the roof so that no more rain would get in. But, the damage seems to be done. The forecast says Thunderstorms for the next 5-7 days for the entire southeast, from Louisiana to the Carolinas, so there's nothing we can really do other than sit it out. We also saw there is a flash flood warning in effect for rivers in this area. Let the adventure continue...

There is not much to do in Biloxi other than gamble and see boats in the harbor. Awhile back we had heard from a Park Ranger in Jemez, New Mexico that Ocean Springs, which is a small town right next to Biloxi, is worth a visit. And it was - we found Pleasant's BBQ and had some of the best pork ribs of our lives. We sat there for a long time talking to the owner of 30 years, Michael Pleasant, about all the different BBQ we've had over the course of the trip. 

We returned back to the camp and spent a few hours dealing with a soaked trailer. Then come 9pm we made dinner by candlelight (no sun = no solar power) and I baked my first dessert in our oven, Chocolate Chip Cornbread Cake! Came out perfect. We slept like logs. Today we're not sure what we're going to do. It doesn't matter where we go, there will be rain everywhere. We may just spend the day reading by the lake.... Like Ryan's T-shirt says in that last photo: "Camping is In-Tents"