Memphis, TN // Graceland.

By Maggie -- Jun 12, 2014

Well, y'all.... We totally missed our 2 month anniversary! doh! 

Just kidding, we're not that sick. We've lost track of the days and months though, and we're perfectly OK with that :) We often forget what day it is and have to check our google calendar to see where we're supposed to be next. Then we decide if we really want to go there, and what pitstops we should make on the way. It's rough I tell ya!

Our trip is 1/3 complete, and we've been in the South for 3 weeks. It has rained every single day, often so hard that we are on lockdown in our trailer. This rain hasn't been all bad though - it keeps the bugs at bay, and the temps down to the high 70's, which has been GREAT for sleeping! 

Memphis was not quite what we expected. It could be because we were there on weekdays or because of the nonstop storms... Either way, we didn't fall in love with it like we have with most other cities. We spent only a few hours on Beale Street on Monday afternoon, watching some live music at BB Kings Club, and left before the rain began to pour. The streets were mostly dead with the exception of some daily drunkards and homeless people. Bottom line: don't go to Beale Street on Monday at 3pm 'cause it's a ghost town!

We really enjoyed camping at the state park, where we felt safe and comfortable amidst the supposedly very dangerous surrounding 'hoods. T.O. Fuller State Park was about 10 miles from downtown Memphis, and about 2 miles from the Mississippi River. We headed to the river after dinner to watch our first sunset in a long, long time. If we could do it over again, I think we'd want to spend more time near or on the river... It's just awe-inspiring! I'm currently reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, so it made seeing it that much sweeter.


The Graceland Tour took about 2.5 hours and is very tightly organized. The audio guide is set up to push you through Elvis' mansion as quickly and efficiently as possible. We were so surprised to see what the inside of the mansion looked like - it was over the top but in a tacky way, and it was hard to believe that at one time, that style of decor was "luxurious". The house was small, and they pack the tourists in it so that you're practically pushing each other through the house. As you can see by my face below, I love waiting in lines with 200 other tourists and being shuffled on an off of busses. 

The tour was worth it because of a few things: 1. The car museum - Elvis loved his toys and they did not disappoint! 2. We got a AAA discount on our tickets, 3. It was raining outside, and 4. The airplane tour - We had never been in a private jet before, but Elvis' plane, the Lisa Marie, was pretty fabulous (still in the same tacky 1970's style, but it was fun to imagine taking plane rides with Elvis while eating a five course meal at a dining room table at 40,000 feet)