Polson, MT. // Flathead Lake

By Maggie -- Aug 18, 2014


Did you know there's another Loch Ness monster that lives in a lake in the USA? It's true. It lives in Flathead Lake, Montana, and it's said to be anywhere between 20-40 feet long. The first sighting was way back in 1889, and since then there's an average of two sightings per year. 

In my rational mind, I know deep down that there is no such monster, that it's probably a sturgeon fish, and that the eyes and mind can sometimes play funny tricks on us humans. Regardless, there is a part of me that is scared shirtless of the idea of a 40-foot slimy THING swimming around in the dark, deep lake, right under my toesies. Ryan doesn't understand my fear of dark water. I'm a swimmer by nature, but that doesn't mean I love being in large bodies of water where I can't see what's beneath me. I totally psych myself out!

Toe-eating lake monster or not, we had a blast in Polson with Ryan's cousins Emmett and Saskia, and Saskia's boyfriend Casey. We also had the chance to meet some friends of theirs, a couple named Pat and Julie from Mobile, Alabama, who drove up to Montana in their new RV to visit their own kids. This couple was beyond fantastic. With thick Southern drawls, they told us stories about home, about their grown up kids and grandkids, and we laughed a lot. They brought fresh "royal red" shrimp with them all the way from the Alabama shores and cooked them up for dinner with tons of butter and garlic. I ate a few and did NOT throw up. The score is now Maggie - 4, Shellfish - 0.

Saskia and Casey own a great little condo in a gated community with spectacular views of the lake and a private boat launch. They took us all out for dinner the first night we were there, and from then on we lounged around the dock and took their paddleboard for a spin. Casey fired up his boat and we toured around the lake islands before Emmett had to board his plane back to San Diego on Sunday. It was his first solo plane trip to visit "Crazy Aunt Saskia" and he just about had the time of his pre-teen life. He got to white-water raft, fish, go-kart race, and eat 2-3 chocolate drumsticks per day. Life was good for all of us that weekend. Thank you Saskia and Casey for such a perfect Montana experience! There is so much to do and see in Montana, we can't wait to come back.