Portland, OR. // Exploring the city

By Maggie -- Sep 03, 2014


Since Casey and Lauren had never experienced the city of Portland, we made sure to see and do as much as possible and give them a good glimpse of what it's all about. Not that we're experts or anything... but we've been there enough times now to know what's good. Let's be honest, all there really is to do in Portland is eat and drink. So we did that, and we did a lot of it. 

Travis and Cassandra took us on a whirlwind appetizers & brews tour the night we got back into town. We visited three different spots in Portland, including a fancy-pants restaurant on the 30th floor of a high-rise in downtown. Because it was the Sunday night before Labor Day, people were partying and enjoying the warm weather while they still could. We ended the night at Hubers, the oldest restaurant in Portland, which is famous for serving turkey in every imaginable form (you can get a full thanksgiving meal in the middle of summer if you wanted to), and also famous for it's spanish coffee. It turns out they have an amazing happy hour - several options of greasy goodness for between $1.99 - $3.99. We ordered every item on the menu that was $1.99. Our stomachs regretted it later...

Ryan and I slept in our trailer on the street in front of Travis and Cassandra's house. If you would have asked us a year or two ago if we'd ever sleep on a street in the middle of a neighborhood, we'd laugh at you. Back home in Palms, we had people street-camp all the time in front of our house. It always creeped me out. But it's obvious when people are homeless or not, and no one ever parked on our street that looked homeless. I have to admit that when we stumbled out of our trailer in the morning, we probably did look very homeless. I expressed to Ryan that I felt weird walking out of our trailer, that people might see us, and he suggested that we throw on some running shoes and our workout gear and leap out of the trailer and start jogging down the street, like it ain't no thing. That made me feel better.

The next day we continued our eating and drinking fest. We stopped first to visit Travis at his Fire Station in the city. He walked with us down to the food trucks where we all had falafel and hummus. From there we headed over to North Portland where we waited in a line for 45 minutes for ice cream. But you guys - this is not your average ice cream. They had flavors like coffee & bourbon, peaches and roasted walnuts, balsamic black pepper and strawberry...and olive oil (huh???).. and you can try all of them when you're waiting in line. A server comes up to you with cold metal spoons and talks at length about each individual flavor. It's like wine tasting but way more fun and fattening. 

Once we felt like we couldn't eat another bite and were about to explode, we went and got MORE BEER at a local brewpub. It was just getting ridiculous. Lauren and I had to stop because we just couldn't do it anymore. We all wanted curl into little balls and start detoxing. That night when we dropped them off at the airport, I was curious as to how they'd survive a red-eye flight after all the food we'd consumed. I know for myself, I'd be a miserable human being. 

Casey and Lauren lead such busy lives, and with kids going back to school and work obligations, we're amazed they got to pull away for awhile and come out to see us. Ryan and I are both so lucky to have siblings that actually want to hang out with us, wherever we happen to be in the world. The sibling visits are over and they both worked out great. Now it's time to let our stomachs settle and get back to our honeymoon road trip adventure.