Roswell, NM.

By Maggie -- May 10, 2014


We camped about 20 minutes outside of the town at a state park called Bottomless Lakes. The drive in was smelly and not inviting, like water and trash had been sitting for years growing algae and rotting. Gross. But once inside the park it was unique and quiet and good for a night. We walked around the lakes and watched local dads and their sons fishing. We overheard one kid sigh and say, "well, we can't say we didn't try, guys." Guess fishing isn't so good in those tiny lakes. Later in the evening some local hombres drove their 4x4 into the park, cranked their metal music up, and presumably started drinking and daring each other to go jump in a lake. Good times, broskies! That's when I decided to go to bed. 

When people tell you there's not much to do in a town, you should probably believe them. Roswell is one of those towns with only three things to do: 1. Go to the UFO museum 2. Get groceries 3. Shop at an antique store. We spent a good 2 hours in the museum, did a little antique shopping just to pass some time, but other than that, nada. As many people have told us, it's best to just make it a quick stop on your way to another destination. No love for ya, Roswell, sorry!

We hit the road for Carlsbad Caverns, and it was windy and dusty the whole trip. We timed our trip with listening to an audio book: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. If you don't know anything about him or his books, the short of is that he was considered the first space/science fiction writer, and the book we're listening to is about a Martian who comes to Earth. It made the visit to Roswell a little more interesting I think.