Samuel Taylor State Park and Point Reyes, CA.

By Maggie -- Sep 18, 2014


Point Reyes and Inverness hold a special place in our hearts. It's here we went five years ago on New Years Eve with our good friends Andy and Cassie to be a part of their wedding. I was the photographer and Ryan was the chief witness and drink pourer. We were honored to be the only two guests! They rented a beautiful ocean-rustic style home in the marsh of inverness. It was all wooden and covered in moss, with a long deck that stretched out into the water - perfect as an "aisle". I can remember that night of their wedding, the four of us walked up a winding, dark road in the rain to a house tucked away in the woods. This house wasn't an ordinary house - it was an elite and private restaurant. In the fireplace, crabs were cooking over some smoking coals, and people sat close to each other under tall lit candlesticks on candelabras that swooped down from the walls and rose out of the banisters. We explored (and partied) there for a few days before and after the ceremony and got to spend some quality time with the newlyweds and each other in that foggy wonderland. It was unforgettable for both of us. 

So, we went back! It was still foggy and beautiful, and it even rained one night. We didn't realize the first time we had went that this area is known for oysters. We tried raw oysters and bbq'd oysters with garlic butter, and went to check out the oyster farms where they let you shuck your own (we didn't, but next time..). We also went to the house that Andy and Cassie got married at, and took a picture and sent it to Cassie on her birthday. 

We camped close by at a state park down the road. While it was in a beautiful setting, it seemed that all of it's amenities were out of order - no showers, no dump station. And they still charge you full price! We have learned that camping is never cheap in California, and very rarely is it free. We've been paying on average about $30 a night to camp. That's getting old quick! At our campground, a really friendly older couple across from us got chatty and wanted to show us their camper. It's one of those ones you put on the bed of your truck and it sits on top of your truck at all times. We stepped inside and.... well.... let's just say we're REALLY happy we have Donna. For being close to 40 years older than that truck camper, Donna looks incredible next to this thing. We had originally thought we wanted one of those campers that sit on your truck, but we're thankful we didn't go that route. We let them see inside ours and their eyes popped, probably because from the outside you expect Donna's interior to look like crap. They seemed to realize what bad shape their camper was in, but they were happy anyway just to be camping and out in the wilderness, and we were happy for them. But even happier to go back to Donna.