Smith Rock State Park, OR.

By Maggie -- Sep 05, 2014


Remember what happens when you piss off your wife? Well, you'll get the boot if you piss off your husband! (Yes, Ryan photoshopped it...stop freaking out)

After leaving Portland, we drove west towards Mt. Hood and camped overnight at Trillium Lake. We arrived at a campsite at 8pm and decided to get up early and leave at 6am the next morning. Because we hardly even used the site, we didn't pay for it. No one saw us or bothered us. Did we feel guilty? No. It's the end of the season. We just used the site to park for a few hours so we could sleep, and the campground was next to empty because school is back in session. It was raining and cold up by Mt. Hood, and neither of us felt like sticking around. That morning we explored the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, best known for it's cameo in The Shining, used their facilities and then took off again. While there's a TON of stuff to see and do around the Hood River, we were more excited about seeing the areas around Bend. 

Instead of camping in Bend, we found a campground about 20 minutes away in a farming area by Smith Rock. According to Wikipedia, "Smith Rock is generally considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing, and is host to cutting-edge climbing routes. There is sport climbing, traditional climbing, multi-pitch climbing, and bouldering." In other words, it's Ryan's happy place. People are SERIOUS here about climbing. Ryan's head was spinning as we walked around the towering cliff faces where people were dangling above by a thin rope, looking happy as can be.

Our campsite was about 8 miles away at Skull Hallow Campground, which for $2.50 a night gets you a large roomy site with a picnic table, fire ring and vault toilet. Not too shabby! Each night the wind picked up and howled around the trailer but it didn't bother us. We made my standard chicken-veggie-tortilla soup and woke up to the sounds of magpies on our roof.

The following day we went on a great hike around the park that took 3 hours total. Just after our hike I felt a head cold coming on. It was frustrating for both of us because we had planned on doing an overnight backpacking trip that night. I knew I would be in bad shape if we decided to go, so instead we toured around Bend and Redmond.