Solvang, CA. // A bachelorette party in wine country

By Maggie -- Sep 29, 2014


This weekend I spent a couple of days in Solvang celebrating my friend Eliza at her bachelorette. 15 girls in one huge house with lots of alcohol... It's how these things go!

The weekend started off as a fun, relaxing gathering of girls, and turned into a raging neon dance party. My two contributions to the party were: 1. A baseball hat that says "100% Catholic" (Eliza converted to Catholicism recently) which she wore nonstop for 24 hours straight

2. Photos! Just doing what I love to do - capture some memories. The dress theme for the party was "tight, bright and not quite right", so we all wore ridiculous clothing out to the bar. Molly, Eliza's younger sister, can be seen wearing an avatar costume. Definitely not quite right. I set up a photo booth in the house, but all of those photos are on another camera. Maybe they shouldn't be released to the public... they're a bit disturbing.

Eliza's sister did a great job planning the entire event, and everyone came back in one piece... Sort of. I just woke up at 10am after a solid 12 hours of sleep. My body doesn't bounce back from partying like it used to! I'm back at the campsite with Ryan and Donna, and trying to nurse myself back to health with some tea and sunshine.