These are a few of our favorite things.

By Maggie -- May 12, 2014

It's been over three weeks, and a few things have really proven themselves to be invaluable to us. The list is as follows:

1. We've boondocked only a few times, but this site has an active community and honest reviews, and is a great tool for finding options that are free around an area that you want to visit.

2. YETI cooler: Expensive? yes. Bear proof? yes. This cooler is (expletive) incredible. We buy ice once every 4 days. It fits so much stuff, and it has a dry rack. And did we mention it's bear proof? Buy one. 

3. Annual National Parks Pass: This was on our wedding registry, and in three weeks we have already visited enough National Parks and National Rec Areas for it to pay for itself. We're on a mini-mission to see how many NP's we can visit on this trip. So far we've hit 5 NP's and 2 RA's!

4. Sriracha Sauce: If you make a not-so-great camp meal, just pile on the Sriracha hot sauce, and it suddenly becomes the best meal you ever made in your life.

5. Instagram: We are posting mostly on Instagram and using it to connect with the traveling community. So far we have met some incredible people, who have been generous with words of advice, recommendations, and general cheerleading. We've come to learn that there are probably 1,000 other couples doing the same thing we are. In fact, we met a couple next door to us today who was doing an indefinite honeymoon in search of where they want to live next, and towing a teardrop. More on this couple later - they ruled!

6. Solar Panels: By 8am, we have a full charge. We can charge our camera, laptop, two phones, wifi mobile hotspot, bluetooth radio, and more, all at the same time, without draining the battery. We can leave lights on all night and it won't even make a dent in the charge. This makes us feel invincible.

7. The very large thermos that AAA sent us when Ryan signed up for car insurance: This thing is so badass. It holds about 4 cups of coffee, pours perfectly, and keeps things warm all day. I mean, what would a road trip be without the perfect thermos??? Thanks AAA!