Tough Mudder // Las Vegas, NV.

By Maggie -- Apr 26, 2014


The boys crushed the tough mudder this weekend. It was cold (55 degrees) and muddy and rainy, and they all finished the race with no injuries. Ryan finished in 1 hour and 47 minutes, about 20 minutes sooner than the other guys that he started with. I stood outside and froze my butt off and tried to make conversation with other frozen spectators. After the race, we checked into our hotel room at Nobu in Ceasars Palace. Our gracious hosts Matt and Trevor (pictured last) bought us a room and dinner for a night, which we took full advantage of. Unfortunately I was too eager to eat a real meal it seemed, because I got sick and was up all night hugging porcelain. Fun times. On the upside, I won $130 playing roulette, which made us both way too happy. 

Win some, lose some!