Vancouver, BC. // Andy's 30th Birthday Surprise

By Maggie -- Aug 24, 2014


Ahhhh... it feels so good to be back on the west coast! No, really, it just feels SO GOOD.

Before we left LA, our friend Cassie had been coordinating her husband Andy's surprise 30th birthday party in Vancouver. We kept it a secret throughout the trip, even when we all went to Portland together back in May, we never spoke about it. No matter what, we HAD to be in Vancouver on August 23rd... and we rolled in just in time. 

An hour after crossing the Canadian border, we were parked behind Andy's mom's house in Vancouver. We walked through the backdoor and Andy was in the back having a drink with his brother. Apparently the weekend was full of all kinds of surprises, us included. His brother flew in from London, another brother from Los Angeles, friends from Portland and Whistler. Even his high school art teacher surprised him by showing up. That night, 30 people came together and toasted Andy and ate a delicious lasagne dinner made by his mom. His friend Matt is the brewmaster for Whistler Brewing Company, and he supplied the craft brew kegs. Cassie did an amazing job coordinating and keeping it a secret. It was a perfect party for our pal, and we were just so happy to be there.

Mal was still along for the ride, so we wanted to camp some more with her while we had the chance. The day after the party, we packed up but didn't leave Vancouver - we decided to rent bikes for the day and tour the city! The weather was 75 and sunny, everyone was out and about, and the city felt alive. We walked around Granville Island, where Mallory tried poutine for the first time (poutine is basically french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds... created a long time ago by a very drunk man). We sat on a bench listening to an Irish folk band singing acapella sailor songs, then went to check out the fresh faire in the farmers market. After that we headed towards Stanley Park and sat by the water and people watched. Vancouver is a little utopia and we loved spending a quick 24 hours there. 

There's something about the west coast that is just... better. The air is crisper, the scenery is more interesting and dramatic, and the people are just the right amount of friendly. Yeah we're biased, but after seeing the rest of the country over the past 4 months, we took a deep, long sigh of relief when we saw the Pacific Ocean. It felt so much like home!