Ventura, CA.

By Maggie -- Sep 26, 2014


Cheap wine + ocean view = Heaven?

Don't worry, we didn't drink all of this wine. It's for my friend Eliza's bachelorette this weekend. Ok, maybe we've already killed a bottle.... Oops!

So far, camping in Ventura has been very crowded with huge RVs and surf bums, but we sure have lucked out. We camped at Emma Woods campground last night, hoping that this morning we would be able to snag a spot in our first-choice campground, Faria County Park. Ryan and I got up early, and he headed out to Faria to wait for someone to leave. We didn't think it would work considering it's a weekend and we barely got a spot in Emma Woods, but sure enough, someone packed up and left and Ryan swooped right in. And, it turns out to be one of the best spots in the park. All of the other campers sat and stared at us unpacking, clearly in shock that we were able to get such a perfect site on a whim. Go, Ry!

For $34 a night, we get to listen to the ocean waves (which at high tide actually splash so high they reach our camper... just a little) and do nothing but sit around and soak up the sun. Do you hate us? I'm sorry. I was actually just kidding earlier, this place actually really sucks - we're having a TERRIBLE TIME!

I'm leaving in a few hours and Ryan will be here all by his lonesome for awhile. Our friends Nate and Kati might be coming up to camp and surf tomorrow, so he won't be alone for too long.  Eliza's bachelorette is up in Solvang, about an hour north of here. When I get back on Sunday, we have one more night in paradise, and then we're driving to my parents house to hang out for a bit until we can get back into our own house on October 1. Time is flying, and we're soaking up every last minute. You might not hear from us for awhile... we'll write a post or two when we return and let you know how it all turned out in the end :)