Washington D.C.

By Maggie -- Jul 04, 2014

Before I begin our story, it's worth it to point out that we missed Hurricane Arthur by just a few short days! Reading the stories about people vacating Hatteras makes us feel so thankful we got to spend some beautiful days there. 

Despite missing a hurricane, we didn't make it out scotch-free. It was one of those days where you start out thinking, "Wow! It's so nice out! We can go anywhere today! Weee! La di da di da... [smiles and laughter]" and then out of nowhere THUNDER, LIGHTNING, WIND, RAIN! 

Quick, get on the Metro! No bikes allowed on the Metro between 4pm-7pm. Rush hour hates bikes.

Quick, get the poncho! There's a hole in poncho, dear Liza, dear Liza.

How about we just ride the 12 miles back? Bam! Flat tire on your bike.

OK, let's catch a bus! Oh crap, we don't have exact change for bus fares. 

There was one point of the afternoon where I started singing to myself out loud, because no one could hear me over the busses and cars splashing buckets of dirty puddlewater on us while the rain blew sideways and up into my poncho. My song of choice was Jimmy Buffet's classic (and annoying) tune, which I sang out loud, over and over: "If you like pina coladas... getting caught in the rain....if you're not into yoga....if you have half a brain...." Just over, and over, and over. And somehow it just made it all suck less. 

The day started off beautifully! We figured we were going to cheat the system by parking our car and taking our bikes on the train to the center of town - no taxis, no paying for parking. We packed turkey sandwiches and were going to visit every single free museum in the entire city. Then we were going to mosey on back and make dinner before the sun went down. Fun and cheap and good exercise. Yipppee!

We successfully accomplished almost all of those things. By the time we visited our 5th museum, we were totally over museums and we were completely grossed out by other human beings. One Chinese woman began vomiting all over the bike rack we were *almost* going to lock up our bikes at. Another guy farted so loud right as I walked passed him that I actually skipped a step. A large pack of pimply teenage boys would walk right into us because they weren't watching where they were walking, they were glued to their iphones. It was all too much exposure for us nature dwellers.

On our way to the metro we spotted a farmer's market. We stopped to grab a few things, including one crab cake (yes, one) and pickled beets. Why? I don't know. I honestly have no idea. We didn't need these things at all and it was so hot and humid that walking around the farmers market made us sweat like hogs. It was those damned pickled beets and that damned crab cake that caused us to miss our window of opportunity to get on the metro before the stupid "no bikes allowed during rush hour" rule kicked in. Our other two options were to find a different mode of transportation or wait until 7pm to take the metro. So, we took the buses [See Ryan's happy face below].

Needless to say we are back in our cozy camper and we ate a full meal. We're dry now. We're happy now. It was a rough afternoon but we toughed it out. My bike has a flat tire, and that's the worst outcome of the whole situation. A nice man on the second bus we took felt so bad for us that he let us ride for free. You can imagine how we must have looked if a bus driver felt bad for us.

They say it isn't an adventure until something goes wrong!