Whistler, BC.

By Maggie -- Aug 26, 2014


Ditching suburbia once again, we headed north to Whistler. We had no plans, no campground in mind, and no cell phone service. At the end of the evening after trying three different campgrounds that were totally full, we found a small privately-owned campground called "Wonderland" in Squamish for $40 a night. It is not really a wonderland as advertised. $40 is not ideal - we hate spending this much on a campsite - but we were totally out of options at this point. If we're going to get charged $40 a night, we're going to take full advantage of what they have to offer. In this case it was hot showers and wifi! 

The next morning none of us had slept well. The day started out a little grumpy but it got better - we took a leisurely drive up to Whistler and met up with Matt the Brewmaster at his family's business, Whistler Brewing Company. He graciously gave us complimentary beers and a tour of the brewery. The beers helped take the edge off of things (as well as a chocolate brownie from an incredible small bakery across the street) and with the recommendation from Matt, we decided to take a hike to Cheakamus Lake. It was a peaceful 4-mile hike and a great way to end our time with Mal. 

During the hike, Mal raised the question "Wouldn't it be crazy if we saw a tree fall on this hike?" That night she got her wish. At 3am we all woke up to a tree cracking and falling close to our campground. It was a serious sized tree, and I had a difficult time going back to sleep after that. I had set two alarms so we wouldn't miss Mal's flight in the morning. They never went off, of course, so we jolted out of bed, packed in 10 minutes, and flew down to the Vancouver airport. She made it! She experienced the grand Kaplandia adventure. 

It was so awesome having her with us and being able to share some adventures with her. Now it's Ryan's turn. Casey and Lauren are coming to visit next!